major flaw! The databases should sync, or there is no point. Also, requested add/delete info never gets added/deleted by the doctors/staff (possibly because they don’t see it?). Would also like ability to send the same message to multiple doctors at once; currently only one doctor gets the message earn free talktime no way to add or CC others. Ability to add appointments directly to your phone’s calendar with the click of a button ROCKS! Scheduling is very limited, however. Pluses and minuses, but keep up the good work! To ALL who download this app, know the following before you write a bad review. YOUR HEALTH SYSTEM/DOCTORS MADE DECISIONS WHICH IMPACT FUNCTIONALITY OF THIS APP. Yes post but also let them know what your health system said about your issue.

I believe this app, the MyChart app, is very useful. I have more than 1 health system account and all 4 of them do things differently with MyChart functionality. None of the four allows payments through the app. All secret vendor stuff. I LOVE THIS APP! I LOATHE THE CUSTOM HEALTH SYSTEM APP VERSIONS. I love the app but wish it did more. I cannot make a dr appointment, the feature isn’t working right on my phone. The one thing I wish is if multiple doctor chains could use it. I’m signed in to my Hendricks Regional Health but my other Dr with St Francis uses it to but I can only use the app for one. This would be epic if I could swap from one network to another. I still haven’t figured out how to add multiple dr from one chain money earning apps

 8/5/19  Since my 3 star review above, they have updated the app and now I have the option to switch. Thank you! You have 5 stars now! This app is an absolute necessity. It does everything I need to manage my health care on a daily basis. I can see test results, order medication refills, schedule appointments, and pay my bill. But the most useful function is messaging. I can contact my doctor, my nurse, or anyone on my care team. I don’t feel like I’m interrupting more important work and they don’t have to respond immediately. That said, I almost always receive a response same day. Health care is a very complicated topic. This app makes managing it simple. Great email app, I’ve used this for several years ever since I saw the signature line that stated “Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone” in my coworker’s email.

 My one qualm is that on my older email account from MSN/hotmail (yes it’s actually money earned apps, the “report as spam” feature seems to have no effect. Not sure if this would be on yahoo’s end, or Hotmail’s, but I get disturbed all hours with inappropriate and repetitive spam emails. “We’ve been trying to reach you!” “Here’s XXX enhancement product you don’t need!” It’s sickening, but I’ve had that vintage email since 2004 and I don’t want to let it go. Any way Yahoo could help win the battle against spam? I’ve been paying for Yahoo pro mail for over a year and been happy with no ads. All of a sudden, I have sponsor ads (although they can be deleted, yet reappear) at the top of my inbox. I checked my subscription and it just renewed this month, so that isn’t the issue. Please fix now Yahoo.