But this app only has about 170 items that it says are in store. But, it works for me. Just maybe add those other items. I was using another top app store optimisation companies (I now forget it’s name), and it had major problems. This one has everything I want, including syncing it between my devices, so I can enter stuff on my iPad and then use my iPhone to shop with. Also makes it very easy to create separate lists for when I shop for both myself and a friend. It allows very specific entries (very handy when shopping for the friend), quantities, unit, and notes – is exactly what I need!

I have never seen anything like this before. Can’t believe I just watched a video from a marathon clothing store tag. That was GENIUS!! The whole marathon team is wayyy ahead of time. The store tags, the businesses, a BRINKS truck (who thinks of an A$I Brinks truck 🤯) I’m a forever fan and follower and can’t wait to see the marathon continuing. I know Nipsey is super proud of what he’s accomplished on earth. His accomplishments has exceeded many including myself and I’m probably older than the whole team lol. Excellent job to TMC team from NYC with much love! 🏁🏁🏁🏁 LLNH

“The Marathon Continues…It’s been about two weeks now and I’m finally realizing that this wasn’t a loss but more of a spiritual gain! You’ve become one hell of an ancestor. A powerful being, celestial being in the spiritual realm for us, all. You manifested everything you spoke, didn’t worry about the time it would take. Stood firm in your purpose in this earthly realm. Your energy and presence are felt. And will be felt for many years to come…

TMC 💙🏁 Rest in Power King.”

“One of my favorite and coolest apps on my phone. I have so much Marathon merch that I get to experience all of his content every time I scan my phone over his labels. So innovative and genius! So ahead of his time! Probably the best alternative to purchasing merch now that his store has become a memorial site until further notice… Thank you for all you’ve done for the culture and community. You will be sincerely missed Nipsey💙🙏🏽🕊🏁

#TMC” I am very sad by your departure😔 if only I could bring you bacc😭 I cry myself to sleep just reminiscing on your lyrics💯 you made a difference in this 🌎 many have come together in honor of you…. why lord oh why did you aso companies in india take him from us too soon, he had so much more to do for his family, his kids, his beautiful wife, his community. He wanted everyone to Win, he was real and very humbled🕊 you will live in my heart forever my leo partner♌️ I will always celebrate your C-Day 💙 my heart hurts so much, fucc man why why why god… you made a big impact in my life and for that I will forever be grateful.