Want to earn money online? Want a money earning app with the help of which you can earn money? If you are planning to make some extra bucks, then earn money apps can be your best option. The best part is that there is no need to invest any money. You can start right now. Also, taking a deeper look into the matter there are certains things that can become a bottleneck in the process. It has been observed that there is no investment and also there is no earnings. This particular case means a ton of time wasted as we work hard in the application.

 Nowadays, earning money online is not so easy. Although there are many online earning apps that help you to earn money but most apps have several problems like withdrawal issues, app crashes  again and again, the app not opening, withdrawal is done but payment not received, etc. And all the online earning apps might not offer the best experience and the highest rewards as they promise. 

As such we need genuine online earning apps. In the last decade, money making apps have become more popular. They are now both an extra and a constant source of income. It is not a surprise that many people use to earn money online apps to make their ends meet.

In this piece of writing we would be talking about one application that is related to online earning. It is known as Freehit app. A very simple one with simple design. 


  • Step by step instructions that make it user friendly and offer a unique experience.
  • It is an application that offers its users a couple of tasks. These tasks when completed properly a reward is given to the performer.
  • Tasks are of various types. An user can test different websites and give feedbacks to earn rewards. Also, downloading games and apps of different companies is rewarded. 
  • The reward is in the form of Paytm cash or free talktime. 
  • You can redeem as soon as redemption conditions are met.

Advantages of using Free Hit.

  • You can earn paytm cash or talk time by completing easy offers.
  • They are always loaded with offers that involve good rewards.
  • You can complete the type of offers you like 
  • It is a completely free method in the sense that there is no investment required at all.
  • You earn money only by trading your time.
  • Last but certainly not the least, you can withdraw the earned money easily 

To do list.

  • Use the application regularly to gain maximum cash.
  • Make use of the available offers as much as possible.
  • It is best to use the application to let the money add up.


Never by any means try to cheat the system at all.

Final take away.

There are many reasons to try to earn money online if you are interested to make bucks from your mobile. At this point, considering money earn apps is not a bad idea. There are many online money earn applications that are genuine. Free hit is one such earn money online app. It is very easy to use and well thought out. The main advantage is the concept. They provide offers to the users. On completion of the same the users are rewarded. Rewards are generally  in form of talktime or Paytm cash. As free talktime can be earned too, it is known considered an earn free talk time app. Furthermore, it is a free method to make some extra cash. No need to invest any money when you use Free hit. You can earn more if you use this earn money app legitimately and regularly.