Thinking about the today’s world without any mobile application seems to be a terrific nightmare!! Isn’t it? Today, our life is so much dependent on the mobile apps that the moment we start our day to the moment we went for sleep we are using some application. At every single moment we our using some mobile application. This is something which everyone in the world is experiencing, in fact at this moment of lockdown it is seen that uses of different mobile application has actually increased by 30%. This not at all a small increment, this shows that the demand of mobile application has increased.



At present world has more than 2.5 billion active android users among which about 114 million users are only from India, even this number is increasing day by day. The few figures can clearly give you an idea about how vast the android market is growing. The play stores get everyday new set of android apps, some are totally new application but maximum of them are just an alternative of some app already there on the store. For example, if you search for a game ‘Bubble shooter’ than only with the same name you will see there are so many gaming app but obviously, apps shown to you at the top has the maximum downloads. What is that factor which has affected the download of the app even with same name? you guessed it right! Rating and reviews of the app.  

Review and rating system have the strength that can easily change the number of downloads of any app. Negative reviews will decrease the number of downloads and even further downloads will get effected whereas the positive reviews can increase the downloads and can even accelerate the rate of downloads. But how to increase the positive reviews? The answer actually lies in two methods. First method is the way of hard work which demands that the app should have amazing features, great aesthetics and many more. But with this only the app has to wait long for getting more than 4-star rating . Second method is the way of smart work where the technique of buy app reviews Android. In this technique you can present your app with already having some amount positive reviews adjusted with dates. These reviews actually act like a magnate and also as a validation for the viewers. These  reviews accelerate the rate of download and if your app is successful in satisfying the user than the user not only gives you the positive review and high ranking but also from that user may also suggest your app to their friends and family. Yeah!!

In conclusion we can say that if you buy app reviews android than this will bring more crowd to your app but if the app has to stay at the top than it needs to have amazing features, funky app name, attractive logo, aesthetic and more unique concepts. So, we can say that hard work and smart work together can bring those shinny 5 stars on your app and ladder of success!!