Nowadays, getting money quickly is very important, especially when life moves quick. Long waits to get approved for loans can cause issues if surprise costs like health, education, and more come up. Online personal loan apps like Navi are a saving grace during such times. They work much faster and will provide access to instant funds with minimum effort.

However, these apps have strict eligibility criteria that you must fulfill to get your application approved for personal loans. This article will list a few tips and tricks to help you get your personal application approved quickly. 

Maintain a good credit score.

Lenders like Money view first check if your credit score is good enough to give a loan. If your score is 750 or higher, you can get approved for loans faster. You will also get a lower interest rate when your score is better.

If your score now is less than 750, you’ll need to improve it. Start by paying overdue credit card bills. Make sure to pay all the monthly EMIs on time. This will help increase your score gradually.

The higher the credit score, the quicker lenders will approve loans for you. And your loan’s interest rate will also be lower. 

Provide all required documents accurately. 

For salaried individuals, key documents include identity proof, address proof, bank statements, salary slips, and ITR copies. Self-employed borrowers may need to submit business registrations, sales records, tax filings, and client invoices, too. Accurate information facilitates faster verification and underwriting for the loan. You can use an eligibility calculator to confirm what papers are needed.

Minimize liabilities and stable monthly income. 

Online lenders can give a personal loan up to 10 times your salary. Based on your salary, you can get bigger loan amounts approved. Having less debts from loans and credit cards also helps to get larger loans.

Before you apply for a new loan, try to get rid of any pending installment payments. Cut down existing loan EMIs. This will improve your eligibility when the lender checks. Ultimately, they can approve a bigger loan amount faster.

Build a relationship with your chosen lender. 

Having an existing account with an NBFC or availing of smaller-sized loans initially helps establish credibility with lenders. This ensures current and follow-up loans get sanctioned faster as the platform has already verified customer data. Several online lenders even have dedicated advisors who guide first-time borrowers. Developing this personalized equation speeds up approvals on future loans.


As financial requirements are often urgent, it helps to be prepared with this playbook for securing near-instant personal loans. Avoid last-minute paperwork hiccups, optimize eligibility criteria in advance, and utilize technology platforms that enable real-time underwriting – with this approach, you will be just seconds away from accessing emergency funds whenever the need arises. Plus, make sure to pay all your existing EMIs on time to boost the CIBIL score, which will help you get bigger and better offers from various instant personal loan apps.