During the pandemic, games like Zupee &  Ludo King gained a lot of popularity. The times were hard, and the game helped people stay in touch with their loved ones and spend some good time playing the game together despite being away from them.

Now that we are out of danger and things have gone back to how they were, people still enjoy playing such games and spend hours enjoying with their friends and loved ones. However, one thing has changed. Now by playing games like ludo , you can win money. Yes, you heard it right. This article will list some popular online games that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

This was a no-brainer. Ludo was popular way before online games were a part of our lives. However, with the introduction of the digital medium, you no longer have to carry a ludo board and the pieces everywhere to play a game; simply connect to the app, and you are ready to go. 

These platforms also have snakes and ladders and are extremely easy to play. Thanks to some apps, you can now play Ludo online to earn attractive rewards in the form of cash or coupons.

In many cases, you have to pay an entry fee to participate in the ludo game, and if you win, you get good cash rewards. 

  • Truth or Dare

This is another popular game that you can enjoy playing with your friends. Playing online will help you start the game without having a bottle or a parcel to decide the turns; plus, some apps come with a set of pre-loaded truth questions and dares to make the game more interesting and easy.

However, unlike lodo, you won’t get paid to play this game online. Still, you can give it a try with your friends. 

  • Cards

Cards are another popular game that was widely known even before the arrival of online and digital mediums. There are many forms in which cards can be played, including games like call-break, rummy, poker, etc. The best part is you can even earn in some platforms and apps if you win the games.

Similar to Ludo, you have to pay a participation fee to be a part of the game, and if you win, you take the big cash price home. The rules might differ from platform to platform, which is why you need to be familiar with them before proceeding.


Games like Ludo are fun, and they help bring friends and family together. If you have some free time, open your phone and use an online gaming app to play the games mentioned in the article. If you are feeling lucky and confident, you can enter the paid competition and give yourself a chance to win massive cash rewards. Earning a few extra bucks while having fun is a good idea.